Update about Soap!

As a couple astute folks may know, for some reason Soap got more popular via a thread or something on novelupdates. Laki asked if she could translate a couple of the chapters as I’m still pretty busy (plus I keep finding more romance stories I want to translate), so I said go for it.

Link’s here:


As an FYI, I’ll still be translating Soap chapters here and there (for example, the Celes bonus POV chapters and others), so stay tuned. Teamwork!

Please give Laki your support as this is her first web novel translation. :)

Witch Q&A 2-2

Last half of chapter two! As a side note, I’ve changed the witch’s real name to Liselle due to an upcoming part in the next chapter (as well as the author having a not-very-sensible name sense, but that’s its own discourse).

“It’s certainly been a long time hasn’t it, Liselle?”

– so she said in return, carelessly calling out the witch’s real name.

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Witch Q&A 2-1

A reminder that this is the first half of chapter 2. I don’t know when I’ll be able to release the next one, but please witness for yourselves the insanity of Orelie. Enjoy!


As he promised, Orélie did not show up at the witch’s cave for the period of two weeks.

The witch regained her own life by herself after a long time. Although it didn’t feel like the best refresher, one might say that having another person as is was a change of pace. The witch personally agreed.

Once more, Orélie came along the first day after the two weeks were up. Seeing him making an expression reminiscent of clinginess in some respects, the witch sighed. As she thought, was it no good?

“How was it?”
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Witch Q&A 1

Hello everybody! Once again, I’m bringing another series to people’s attention. In terms of chapter length it’s a bit longer than usual (actually a lot longer than what I’ve translated so far), but I hope you guys enjoy it for its different tone.

edit: forgot to add a line, excuse me. “If she didn’t do it like that, it would be boring.” goes after the part about compensation and morals.


The witch was who you would call a witch. A witch who could not be mistaken for anything else. Wrapped up in a black robe and stirring the contents of her cauldron, cackling “Eeeheehehee!” all the while – she belonged to that category of so-called witches.

Her dwelling was a cave embedded deep within the woods. Dreary and dim regardless of whether it was day or night, all of the visitors to this forest were in low spirits. In those kinds of woods, and once again, within its heart. Amidst the depths of a continually forgotten grotto, the witch had inconspicuously settled down.

A face that was deeply carved with wrinkles. An aged body that was appraised as the hag amongst hags, more hags, and even more hags. For her familiar, a singular melancholy crow was all there was. Always looking prim and unruffled, the crow groomed its feathers without sounding out the slightest utterance of a caw.

The magical grimoires scattered about the room were merely a slice of the witch’s knowledge.
The skeletons strewn across the floor were merely indiscretions from the witch’s bygone days.

The witch was who you would call a witch.
Now then— for that kind of witch, there was one huge trouble.
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Scapegoat Sister 03

This is probably the last post I’m gonna make for awhile, as my break is ending soon! Here’s some corresponding visual aids for Prince Ikuta, which I think match pretty well.


The Crown Regalia used by men features a wide breadth for the loop around their necks, with a heroic roaring lion attached. That same lion was glaring at me, lording over my presence.

The thick, skillfully-done navy-blue and gold embroidery shined on the white tunic with a sense of composure and dignity.

The navy-blue thread, which matched His Highness’s eye color, depicted the pattern of the royal family: feathers, drawn with gold thread, fluttering down to the earth.

It goes without saying that the feather motif is Leonoz’s wings. Nobody except temple officials or royalty are allowed to adopt the uniform of the golden divine messenger. From the tip of his garments and reaching all the way until the points of his polished leather shoes, I felt tiny from the ample intimidating air of a royal.

“Would you mind it if I were to be impolite and sit next to you?”

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Scapegoat Sister 02

Anessa finally makes a friend besides her plants, good job!  Chapter 3 should be coming out eventually.



“―― and who might you be?”

With that question asked, I was brought back to reality.

Ow-ow-ow. My back hurts because I was squatting down the whole time. Wiping off the sweat clinging along my chin, I turned towards the person who spoke to me.

………… same goes for you. And who are you, exactly?

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Soap! Chapter 3


“Has Her Holiness adapted to this world yet?”

“Yeah, gradually. Since Her Holiness’s education has also ended, they say that the purification journey will begin.”

”Is that so?!”

That’s certainly a cheerful topic!

Or so I thought, but Sir Celes’s face looks gloomy.

“Is something the matter?”

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Soap! Chapter 2

Part two of three, in which we meet Celes and a lot of worldbuilding! The Holy Saint’s namedropped at the end, but she doesn’t show up for a bit yet.



In the interval until the laundry finishes drying, the laundrywomen are given a moment’s rest. During that time there’s a necessity to finish things like your meals. But, in this type of day with great weather, I’ve decided to go to a certain place.

“Well then, Mrs. Kikka, I’ll be back before the 1 PM bell.”

“Going outside to eat again? It’s fine that you’re feeling good, but I guess you’ve also got something to like too, eh.”

“What’s all this about liking something?! Umm, ahh-“

“…… Something about outside?”

“Eh? Yeah! Y-yeah, that’s right! Yes, I like the outside – the outside!”

“…… you were also a girl too, huh.”

Showered with Mrs. Kikka’s tender yet slightly infuriating gaze, I hastily wrapped up my sandwich with a napkin, grabbed a hold of my bottled tea, and in no time flat was running away at the speed of light.

※ ※ ※ ※ ※

”Sir Celes!”

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Extraordinary – Ordinary – Soap! Chapter 1

A big welcome to the new year! Starting off with a three-parter of a new series I like and find cute. Chapters 2 and 3 will be posted later.


“Soap bubbles~, fluffy, airy, clean laundry~. The glittering sun feels so nice~♫”

Today’s been blessed with fine weather. Really, it’s the perfect weather for laundry.

I unfolded the heap of dirty laundry onto the washboard and smeared the clothes with soap, making sure to get all the crevices and folds. Afterwards…

Scrub! Scrub!

I removed the filth by vigorously scrubbing the clothes in the sudsy water.

Everything was continuing to become the shade of pure white one by one. Yup, definitely a good feeling.
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